GMC Vehicle / Onstar Integration

Hi All,

I’ve got a very rough working version of a GMC vehicle integration… Lock/Unlock Doors, Remote Start, Vehicle Info: Tire Pressure, Fuel Level Info, Oil Life+++., also GPS Location…

I can share the work if someone wants to clean it up and make it a nice integration, today I’m building each component separately so config is messy.

How responsive is it?
Is it using the onstar website or a GMC website/API?

Its using the API from the app, takes about 3-5 seconds to get a result back.

I don’t have a GMC but my Chevy uses OnStar and the mychevy integration is lacking, I’d be willing to test and help out.

Can you please make this available?

I’d love to give it a go as well.

Any Update on this, happy to help test.

Here is what I was able to achieve… the primary limiter is their API only allowing 14-16 queries in between vehicle engine starts, likely to save on battery drain… so polling of status on sensors isn’t really going to work unless its once daily.
What i have working on the regular is lock/unlock and remote start from HA. The only problem is the API doesn’t have a status attribute for locks so the state is always unknown in HA but if you want a automation to do something like always lock the doors at night, thats possible. Or remote start the car in the morning before work… etc…

I’m happy to test as well. thx

Locking the doors at night is exactly what I was looking to do.

Has this been made available anywhere? I was wanting to do the same thing but couldn’t find a good API reference.

I originally came across but the free tier looks too limiting.

I am not experienced enough to make components but I found this github that could be integrated into a custom component.

Hey there i am new to Home Assistant but not new to home automation and tomorrow i am getting a GMC Sierra with all the bells and whistles :slight_smile:
All i want to do through HA is lock the doors (maybe unlock) and engine start since it is a diesel too so it helps.
How can i achieve this in HA ? any help will be greatly appreciated
thank you

I’m willing to jump in and write an integration for this as I too am an owner of a 2019 GMC Sierra.
With that said I’m extremely limited with time. If anyone is interested I would be willing to dedicate some time this holiday season if you are willing to contribute to a bounty.

If you are willing to pledge a bounty, just like this comment and with enough interest I’ll start the project and try to have a first draft public as quickly as possible.


So far here is the list of features I’m thinking about adding.

  • Ability to lock/unlock
  • Ability to start/stop
  • Stats Oil
  • Stats Mileage
  • Stats Air Filter
  • Stats Tire Pressure
  • Stats Emission Control
  • Stats Air Bag
  • Stats Antilock Brake System
  • Stats Engine & Transmission

Remaining fuel miles / km left

It would be very helpful to get location information as well.


Any update on this effort? I’d be willing to help by testing with my truck (GMC Sierra) or help with coding