Go Control Z-wave thermostat works great

I recently purchased a Go Control z-wave thermostat. I was a hesitant on the purchase as I could not find any information regarding this device. The only threads that were available seemed to talk about problems and dual thermostat cards. Well this can serve as a place holder for a positive integration and a thank you to the devs got the update to the single thermostat card. Now I just need a garage door opener.

Good to hear… yeah the way HA handles thermostats now is great. My Honeywell T6 worked perfectly right off the bat when I installed it last month. I looked at the Go control, but went with the T6 because of the WAF (the t6 is nicer looking).

Regarding garage door openers… a lot of the zwave openers available are way overpriced for what they are. 99.9% of garage door openers will open/close when the 2 wires leading to the wall button are shorted briefly. They’re designed this way so they can work with multiple simple wall buttons, regardless if they come with a fancy PIR/lockout/etc multifunction wall control. So those $200 zwave opener devices are nothing more than a simple dry contact relay with momentary operation and a zwave radio attached (ie they’re a ripoff).

The exact same functionality can be had with much cheaper wifi dry contact relay devices. Shelly 1 comes to mind, or a dry contact modded sonoff R1/R2. You can even diy it like I did. On my home I simply added a relay breakout board to a Wemos D1 mini (using esphome) that was already in my garage doing other tasks; the device already had dallas temp, dht22 humid, bh1750 lums, rcwl0516 motion, dfplayer+speaker (voice announcements), and a peizo beeper, but there were plenty of pins left over to add the relay for my garage opener. ESPhome made it easy to program the relay so it only closes for 0.5sec to trigger the opener. The ESPhome discovery integration also created a relay entity in HA that I can easily hit from the webui to open/close the garage door (or use in automations). I use a zwave door device to sense when it’s open/closed because that sensor was already installed before I added the relay, but there are many other ways to read door position (I could have added 2 mag/reed sensors to the garage esphome device instead… much cheaper, senses fully opened, and more reliable… but I’m just lazy).

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