Go2rtc project - help thread

Hi all,

I’ve installed the Unifi Protect Integration on my HA OS, and I can see perfectly and easily the feed of my two cams using the webrtc-camera HACS integration with this card:

type: custom:webrtc-camera
url: rtsp://udmproip:7447/xxxxxxxx
ui: true

I use my duckdns url on my iOS HA Companion App for both internal and external URL. When connected with my WiFi I don’t have any issues, but if I connect with 4G I get the NSURLErrorDomain - 1003 error.

Do I have to do something else so that I can see the live feeds of my cams when not connected to my local network?


Hello im new to this thread and im struggling to make two way audio to work. Im using a Hikvision Digital Video Recorder that has 8 channel camera… i use one of the cameras for go2rtc… i can view live feed with audio from the cam … but when i speak to microphone … its not outputting my mic audio to the DVR speaker… below is the code im using in my go2rtc config.

    - rtsp://admin:[email protected]:554/Streaming/Channels/101
    - isapi://admin:[email protected]:80/

also another info about my setup… im not using any standalone IP camera… im using analog hikvision CCTV camera hookup to a Hikvision DVR model DS-7208HQHI-F1 . I expect my microphone to output to the DVR speaker, because my analog cam dont have built in speaker.

also if i use the proprietary mobile app of Hikvision which is HIK CONNECT… the two way audio works! So what am i missing here…? pls help.