Go2rtc restream cam loading delays

Hello everyone

I was successful to change my frigate setup restream from rtmp to go2rtc…
And i also see the cams all streaming on the http://ip:1984 config page.
But when i try to use them in a custom webrtc-camera card, they are badly delayed or dont show stream at all.
no error message, just loading…

type: custom:webrtc-camera
url: rtsp_driveway_cam
ui: true
  touch_drag_pan: true
  touch_pinch_zoom: true
  touch_tap_drag_zoom: true
  persist: true
title: Driveway Camera /12
poster: https://home-assistant.io/images/cast/splash.png
muted: true
intersection: 0.75
background: true
mode: webrtc,webrtc/tcp,mse,hls,mjpeg

This is the code…does that show any issues that might cause it?

Thx for any thoughts