GoAccess for NGINX Proxy Manager Log Visibility

Would love to be able to easily visualize and parse NGINX logs. Looks like this package would be really easy to integrate as a HA add-on. Already a docker container format and it would just be a matter of mapping a folder to the NGINX log folder.


First I tried this container.

I tried to do the same today but without success. I checked a tutorial on unraid which I also have and is here.

Moreover I have a Proxmox server and inside of it there is Hass OS. I will spin an nginx proxy manager on my other vm, recreate/move the ssl certificates and make the logs folder accessible in a folder on the host.

Then it would work. It will definitely work this way and I will post again. Moreover, in case I actually make it work on home assistant NPM addon, I will eventually post here

I actually got this working with the package below. I actually moved my NGINX proxy manager container off of my HA NUC and onto a RasPi swarm but had to run the GoAccess container on my Synology as there is not an ARM build.


There is an ARM build: Docker Hub

It’s even linked in the one you linked under “Choose your version”.

Thanks for sharing. That is new since I deployed on my NAS.