Goal Zero Yeti Integration

Goal Zero has power stations like the yeti 1400, 3000, and their new X series that have Wifi app control. Typing the local ip address of the yeti gives a json object. Any chance this can officially be added as a homeassistant integration? Any help with yaml configs to get this working in the meantime is very helpful.

I’m also waiting from Goal Zero to see if they have an api that actually allows control over the 12v, usb, and 120v ac switches.


The link below shows how the yeti can be controlled with POST

Any chance we can get some additional sensors added to this integration? I would love to have ALL of this data particularly “socPercent” so I can set a notification to connect shore power to my van.

The API also supports PUT to change settings. Would also be super awesome to be able to check state and turn off ports, etc.


This will be available in 2021.8. What model do you have? Could you tell me what chargeProfile does and if it can be changed?

Hey Rob!

I have a Yeti 1500X. Charge profile allows you to toggle between four predefined modes. Performance, Battery Saver, Balanced & Custom.

Let me know if there is anything I can pull from the API or test for you.

EDIT: After looking back at that get, it looks like the profile is defined as min, max, re values. They are expressed in percentage.

Performance = 0/95/100
Battery Saver = 15/80/85
Balanced = 2/90/95
Custom = whatever you want to set it to

Looks like these are predefined in the app and the only thing the actual device knows is min/max/re and knows nothing of these profiles. They can be modified with a post.


@jasonshearer I’ve also got a 1500X - been using the beta version for a little while, it works great & has the extra sensors you’re looking for. I think the non-beta version is released soon (tomorrow?)

Just wondering about if/how you’re running a separate HA instance in your van (assuming you have a “main” one at home?) and how you’re powering the Pi (if that’s what you’re using?) This is something I’d like to do as well!

I am not running a separate HA instance in the van but rather my van in parked close enough to the house for wifi to reach it. I honestly do not drive a lot other than roadtrips so what I am really looking for is just automating notifications to remind me to charge the goal zero when it gets low and to turn off the 120V output as the inverter draws 7W or so even when it isn’t powering anything.

One problem I have run into is the GoalZero turns wifi off when it hasn’t been able to associated to the configured SSID for a period of time which is a pain in the ass because getting under the lid is difficult where I have it mounted.

Curious what you are planning with your GoalZero!


Couldn’t wait…had to get on beta once I saw siren was also added.

THANK YOU for enhancing the GoalZero integration. It is lovely!