GoControl HUSBZB controller and GC-TBZ48 thermostat pairing issue

I’m having a ton of issues getting these two to play nice with each other, going down rabbit hole after rabbit hole.

I have the HUSBZB plugged into my UnRAID server running a HomeAssistant docker, the device is passed through to the docker and is being detected by it in the Zwave integration. Checking the Zwave log shows a lot of “Received”, which I have read is a good indication that everything is working as it should for the controller.

However, I cannot get the thermostat to join the Zwave network. I hit “Add Node” in the Zwave panel, then hit Install on the thermostat. It cycles through “Install/Wait” for a bit, then goes to “Install/Failed”.

The only thing I can think of is maybe distance, but the thermostat is only about 20-30 feet from the controller. If Zwave really does have long operating range, then this distance should be nothing for it.

I’m open to any and all suggestions to get this working, so that I can control the thermostat with tighter temperature ranges than the 4 degree spread that the Auto mode only allows. Please feel free to request any related information from me, I will post anything I can log or config wise.