GoControl Thermostat Remote Sensor

So I was looking for more info about about the GoControl Thermostat Parameter 43. Here is the manual:


Basically, we have two thermostats in the house: Upstairs and Downstairs. Problem is all the cool air is going downstairs (because of the floor plan) and all the heat is rising up, causing the upstairs AC to run constantly with the main floor barely running and it can’t keep up.

What I was trying to do was see if we can get the main floor thermostat to use the upstairs thermostat temperature reading instead of it’s own. Essentially, this would mean treating the upstairs thermostat as a remote sensor for the main floor.

Thanks in advance.

Not sure about the remote sensor, but you could set your downstairs 2F cooler than upstairs to help.

Unfortunately that isn’t going to work because we have programmed our system to do so many automatic things

If you never solved this problem, I am currently sending a remote sensor to the thermostat and it seems to work using an automation to set parameter 46 once a minute.

service: zwave_js.set_config_parameter
parameter: “46”
value: >-
{{ states(“sensor.main_level_remote_sensor_air_temperature”) | float(71.5)
device_id: fdb69008b51ec2ce5db886491