Goecharger-api2 - Control your go-eCharger Wallbox directly via the API v2 [Gemini/flex, HOMEfix & other]

After I have provided integrations for tibber (pulse local), waterkotte heatpump’s and SENEC.Home Systems I have developed another Integration in order to support my new go-eCharger Gemini-flex.

I was not able to find a go-eCharger integration that communicate directly via the HTTP API v2 and offer support for all the different ‘api-keys’ that are documented by go-e in GitHub. So instead of ‘complaining’ I have used the free day here in Germany to finish an (initial) release of the ‘goecharger-api2’ integration that I want to share with you.


  • go-eCharger running Firmware 56.1 [I have developed it with 56.2 BETA]
  • enabled HTTP API v2 (via go-eCharger App)

Key Features

  • Most of the documented fields [in the official go-eCharger GitHub repository] are supported by this integration (only 27 of 172 are not included yet) [see list of currently not handled API keys]

  • Easy support for ‘PV surplus charging’ (PV-Überschuss Laden) without additional hardware. In order to use this feature just a small additional manual setup process is required [details can be found @github]

  • For all go-eCharger (status) fields that support a numeric status code, this code is available as separate sensor

  • Multilanguage support: a German translation included (any feedback highly appreciated!) & looking forward to other language contributions

  • Hibernation-Mode: only request sensor data from wallbox when system is in use [details can be found @github]

    Please note that the configuration data will be read only every 24hours from the hardware (to save data) - but you can update the sensors any time with an ‘update’ button.

  • Owners of a 22kW variant can force 16A only for all relevant settings. (This can be enabled via the integration settings and require a restart of the integration - then with every restart the settings will be inspected and adjusted to a max of 16A if required)

Known Issues

  • This is a custom HACS Integration, so you have to add the repository manually to your HACS before you can install it
  • No Integration Icon (yet) - still waiting that my PR for the brand’s repository will be merged

Your feedback is highly appreciated - specially the German translation could be improved - feel free to start a PR with your suggestions - TIA

Sounds great! Does it automatically switch between 1 phase and 3 phase charging?

IMHO this is a feature of the firmware of the Wallbox itself - you can adjust different thresholds when the box will switch from 1p o 3p and vice versa - IMHO there is no need to actively switch by the integration itself.

Just wanted to thank you for the invested time and labor, @marq24! I´m switching over from a really old V1 hardware go-e Charger to a Gemini Flex the next days :slight_smile: