Goggle Assistant Addon vs component


I would like to start using Google Assistant but I could not understand quite well why there are to methods to integrate Gogle Assistant into HA.
What are the diferences when using each method?
Sorry if this is a dummy question.

Thanks in advance.

The emulated hue doesn’t really work anymore, the way to go is by google assistant, follow this:

So, the addon is useless right now?

Sorry if I did not understand your original question
Answer is it depends, what platform are you on?
If using HASS.io it works with the add-on, but if you’re on “regular” HA it won’t work and you’ll have to use the link I sent above. Hope that makes sense.

I am on Hass.io.
In the end, what I would like to get is to attach a microphone to my pi and be able to turn on the lights.
So, should I start following the addon route?

What I find confusing is to have an addon and a component with very diferent instructions.
Do they give the same results?

This https://home-assistant.io/components/google_assistant/#setup
is to use a real Google Home/Google Assistant with HA.

If you want to build a Google Home/Assistant with a raspberry pi that’s something different and HASS doesn’t integrate this feature.
And honestly, save the trouble, and spend 25$ in a Google Home Mini ^^

I’m with @touliloup here. I was wanting to build my own Google Assistant with a Pi and in the end I gave up and bought a GH mini. For the sake of £34, it wasn’t worth the effort and looks a lot neater than a pi with a mic… Plus the speaker is surprisingly loud.

I actually built one, but the quality of the voice detection was simply too poor and I had to be 50cm from the mic for it to work… that was when the home mini didn’t exist and the Google Home was 150€+ in Germany.

Since the Google Home Mini was released, the raspberry end up being more expensive than a Home Mini (with the sd card, case, power supply, mic, …).

I bought 2 Google Home Mini during black Friday, and I’m more than happy with the integration with HA (and it’s a nice toy, however it’s not necessarily very useful ^^)

I will follow that route if Google Home was sold in Spain, where I live. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

in the case make sure you use a good mic. Ps3 Eye cameras are great for this - they have a 4-mic array that’s very sensitive. Good luck. In case that helps this is what I was following until I bought the google mini:

Thanks a lot for the info.

So, if I understand correctly, the Hass.io addon tries to mimic the functionality of a Google Home and the component does the integraton of the Google Assistant functions a automation in HA.

I think you slightly misunderstood (unless it’s a language barrier thing)
HA simply integrates to the Google Assistant Platform via the add-on, this means on Google Assistant, under Home Control, you will see your instance of Home Assistant and you should be able to control your HA devices (at least those that are supported).

In the instructions for setting up the Google Assistant addon:

You could find the way to select the input where the microphone should be attached and the output for the speakers on the Pi that Hass.io is running in (I asume).

You can find many online resellers

I have found them.
But, do you think all Google Home would work in every country?
I see in the description something like “australian model, german model”…

I bought the GH in the USA and using it in Italy. A GH mini from Germany (cyberport.de)

All is fine, some functionality are not supported (the most are)

That’s what I needed to know.
Thanks a lot.