GoGogate 2 Cover


I’m trying to create a custom component for my GoGogate 2 garage door opener.

I have a working proof of concept written in Java to interact with the device’s api however I’m having trouble converting it to python to work with HomeAssistant.

The api protocol uses Java’s AES/CBC/PKCS5Padding to encrypt/decrypt the commands and I’m struggling to convert that to Python.

Does anyone have experience with AES/CBC/PKCS5Padding in Python and would be willing to help me get it working?

Once the encryption part is done I should be able to implement the rest of the HomeAssistant integration.


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wish someone could help with this, gogogate desperately needs HA

+1… please anyone?

Bumping for interest as well, I’m wanting to get something that I can hardwire with ethernet as I’ve had my garage.io fall off the network too many times.

How did you go with this? did you get it working?

I’ve got this working as a custom component and am working on open sourcing it.

thats awesome!
do you know how long before it will be available?

Hi there, I’d be really interested in this too!

Hi, can you point us to the repo of the custom component?

Any update on this?

in ended up gettin an opengarage… https://opengarage.io only $50 and already integrated with HA with native component… https://home-assistant.io/components/cover.opengarage/

In a series of testing I’ve been conducted I just went with leaving the garage door on the vera controller. The HA integration with Vera is very nice and they complement each other very well I think.

Home assistant 0.67 will contain a component for Gogogate2

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i cant wait to try this out !

just saw this release in 0.67b0 , ill update and let you know how it goes, thanks for the hard work on this @dbroadfoot

Hold off until the next beta update @Chris_Quach

There was a bug introduced when the feature was merged in.

I’ve fixed it but it will be in the next beta version.

Ok, will do. Thanks for the heads up

hi dbroadfoot,

i just tried your gogogate component, but i had some errors

: Error: Data must be padded to 16 bytes boundary in CBC mode. You will need to restart hass after fixing

not sure what this means or how to fix this.

Same here… And is it not necessary to login with the unique UDI?

Same for me too