Going down the rabbithole of outdated information

I wish there was a place that had more defined categories towards certain subjects like UI and then drilling down to UI > Media Player or UI > Weather etc. As I’m new here trying to set up things like weather cards and tv remote UIs, I’m finding myself reading expansive threads from years ago, adopting various integrations and then seeing that there was a much easier and nicer way to do stuff.

This forum is helpful but perhaps the search function doesnt work that well to promote newer threads or perhaps theres just not a good way to really index certain information here. Its all really a bit of a mess. Are there any good sites/ resources out there that aggrgate the latest information about various integrations etc?

There are quite a lot of search options:

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yeah true. I could be in more depth with my searches. But it would be nice if there was a better way to aggregate the latest, coolest things. As it is, someone might post their github and if theyre lucky it might get some traction here in the forums.

Perhaps that’s the nature of the beast :roll_eyes:

but also, the search just kinda sux. It’s very literal… perhaps it needs some AI back end to help :wink:
Like if you write home asssisstant (spelling) instead of home assistant (correct), it will display zero results. Surely in 2023 a popular forum should be able to display potential results even if the spelling is wrong or perhaps find similar topics than returning word for word searches.

Heres an example of what I would think has been talked about extensively, yet the returned results kinda suck.

or if I be more precise…


A Google site search produces better results (and corrects your spelling):

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as a new member of this beast, I hope my input may help to evolve it into a more refined beast :wink:

Good luck with that! :rofl:

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In what non-existing category would go for “setting up a second home assistant device”? :wink:

As far as being outdated, yeah, that’s a fact that HA is evolving fast, so I wouldn’t fully trust any solution older than 6 months, really.