Going from OZW on HA Supervised to OZW in external container

I’m currently running HA Supervised in a VM in unRAID. And to get some control over the config files and to be able to test modifications, I’m thinking about removing the OpenZWave (beta) addon, and running ozwdaemon in an external container.

But how can I do this? In the documentation I read that in a HA Core installation you need the MQTT integration with an external MQTT broker (I have Mosquitto running in an external container also), and the OpenZWave integration. But I have HA Supervised. Can I just remove the OpenZWave addon, and use the method meant for Core installation?

This means that my Z-Wave system will consist of the following:

  • HA Supervised running in a unRAID VM
  • ozwdaemon running in a external container
  • mosquitto running in an external container
  • MQTT integration added to HA, which points to the mosquitto container
  • OpenZWave (beta) integration, which points to the ozwdaemon container

Is this correct?

I ended up first removing the OpenZWave add-on, then spinning up the ozwdaemon container, and finally adding the MQTT integration in HA (I already had a mosquitto container running). Immediately I saw Z-Wave messages pouring in on the external mosquitto container. But I could not get the already added OpenZWave integration to talk to the MQTT integration. I finally ended up removing the OpenZWave integration and adding it again. Then all the Z-Wave devices were added again. Unfortunately with different names and entity ID’s. But I don’t have that many Z-Wave devices to begin with (perhaps 10 devices and approximately 80 entities), so it wasn’t a major chore to fix the broken automations.

But yay!, I now have access to the OpenZWave config/XML files. :slight_smile: