Going Nutty with Network UPS Tools

My journey with NUT has been interesting so far… with no solutions found at the time of writing this post. I’ve read countless posts and commented on several along the way.

Here’s my journey…

I started by loading the NUT server onto a raspberry pi which all worked well, with the UPS being recognised by the raspberry pi and the NUT web interface working well.

From there I attempted to get my QNAP to recognise the NUT server as a network UPS master. That didn’t work, and I was unable to get the QNAP to recognise the NUT server.

I read an article about connecting the UPS USB cable to the QNAP and using the QNAP as the network UPS master. The QNAP recognised the UPS, all good, and after making modifications to the QNAP and installing NUT on a Proxmox server… success, the QNAP UPS master was recognised by Proxmox.

Meanwhile… back on HA, this automatically popped up… and I thought Hooray!!


Only issue… when I tried all kinds of logins, nothing works? In a nutshell, I want the NUT setup on HA to be a ‘client’ and recognise the QNAP as the master.

Alas, here’s what I get…


And yes, I tried manually installing the NUT integration, and manually adding the QNAP UPS master details… no go.

Not looking for someone to solve this for me… rather seeking to find good quality tutorial info if possible. Is there possibly a blog post or YouTube video somewhere that utilises a QNAP as a UPS ‘master’ and HA utilising the NUT integration as a client… that would be awesome.

Why not leave the pi as master, and connect to it via netclient from the qnap. There’s normally a defined user on the master the client connects to.

Good question. I found the QNAP wouldn’t connect successfully to the pi, despite following multiple youtube videos and blog posts. My decision was also based on paranoia… I trust the QNAP to shut itself down when the UPS alerts the QNAP of power failure, however the challenges I had getting the pi working I was worried the QNAP may not react reliably connecting to the pi and not shutdown.

To the qnap a remote nutnserver should be exactly the same. You set up upon etc and the actions. Just don’t have the physical connection to the ups

I had one raspberry pi connecting to two ups. With different computers isi no that as a catalyst to perform shutdown for years. I only just replaced the pi because its Linux version got too old. But it was fine.

You are right, and I’d say it’s the organic part of the equation not working correctly… me. I’ve tried a number of avenues to get the QNAP and pi based NUT server talking, but it became too time intensive, so I opted for the QNAP to be the master.

The current config works well between my QNAP (Master) and NUT client running on my Proxmox server, so the next step was to have HA included as a client. I am comfortable with the current config, and really am not keen on going back to implementing a stand alone pi as there’s no justification given I have a working config.

I am sure there’s been other folks that have implemented HA talking to a QNAP as a NUT master, so it’s just about finding a way of unlocking that knowledge. Appreciate your feedback, and taking the time to comment.