Going to migrate from Core to Supervised

I am very happy with linux, and run HA Core at the moment, but I want to migrate to Supervised to get the extras.
Before I do this, any gotchas/tips?
Do a backup on Core, shutdown, install Supervisor and then restore - easy right? :slight_smile:

Supervised is a trap and rarely gets the user what they want… If you’re not a pro Linux admin it rarely ends well. Just fair warning.

Its the hardest install method to maintain.

Maybe instead go to haos and put it in virtual on your own hypervisor if you want ‘all the extras.’. Because right now essentially the extras you’re missing are just addons and you could do those things right now in thier own docker containers.


Thanks for the warning.

I am fed up with maintaining python versions in venv so maybe a re-install with Hass is the way to go?

I can backup restore there?

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I’m with @NathanCu … I run Container on Debian 12 along with a ton of other containers in a docker swarm. Most things that can be done with an addon (short of maybe showing up on the sidebar of HA), I can do with containers and docker-compose. Much easier to manage than Core (I do not miss having to manage venvs) and far more flexible imho. Especially if you want to have your infra spread out across multiple servers.

Pretty sure you can restore a Core backup to HAOS, but I’ll let someone more knowledgeable about HAOS speak to that.


Oh that will only get worse in supervised. If that’s the issue run far away from supervised.


You can

They included the backup function in core but the restore lives in the supervisor so you can backup core and restore to HAOS.