Gologi lights

Hi all! I stumbled upon a string light (in Dutch: prikkabel) with dimming features. Love to keep it due to it’s nice color and dimming features. Unfortunately I don’t see any integration with Home Assistant yet. Any idea how to get the light into HASS? I can get it into Google Home, but it doesn’t show up in Home Assistant.

The brand: Gologi
Type of connection with the light: WiFi

Big thanks in advance!

I would check if it responds to the Tuya app, MANY things are Tuya based now-a-days.

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Thanks for sending me in the right direction! Never seen anything from Tuya, but the app from Gologi seems to be an exact copy of the Tuya one. Once the light showed up in the Tuya Smart app I was able to get it working in Home Assistant (for anyone asking how, see the documentation of the integrated Tuya integration within HASS).

Thanks again for showing Tuya!

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