Good integration with a smoke detector?

I’m looking already for a while on this forum and some others for a (cheap) solution for the following:

  • Having 3 smoke-detectors that interacts with each other (one sounds alarm= all sound alarm).
  • Of course with a possibility to integrate them (easy…) in HA
  • They need to keep working if HA goes down… :slight_smile:
  • And also I want the possibility to trigger the alarm by HA.

It seems at this moment this is not possible, specially my final demand seems to be the hardest.

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Interested to see if you find some. I have one Xiaomi fire alarm (MiJia Honeywell smoke detector). It works nicely with zigbee2mqtt, but doesn’t fill your first or last requirements. They have added self test to it and you can trigger it with mqtt but I haven’t yet tested that.

It also doesn’t have certification that is nationally required, so I have another normal fire alarm just next to it.

Yeah I’ve been looking for awhile and I really feel like I’m missing something in the smoke detector category. For something that is in most houses there just doesn’t seem to be the products out there.

I’m looking for just one zwave plus smoke/co detector that is interconnected.

Just use any interconnected smoke alarm system and use an esp8266 to detect the voltage change on the interconnected signal terminal. Pretty sure there’s videos on YouTube. I’d probably start by searching DIY smart smoke alarm.

Sorry to resurrect a dead topic, but I am looking for exactly the same thing.
What would be a good proposal for a Home Assistant compatible smoke detector (preferably using Zigbee) ?

@francisp My bad! I updated the topic to fix the typo error!

Sometimes my English fails me. What is a HE smoke detector? If HE was a brand name, you wouldn’t ask for recommendations.

The Heiman smoke detectors work with Zigbee2MQTT.

Thank you !