Good looking, reliable dimmer remote control recommendation

I’ve been using a TRADRI remote control with a Hue compatible dimmer unit via zigbee2mqtt to control a floor lamp. When the combination works, it’s great. But, I’m giving up on it. The dimmer unit and/or the remote control constantly go unavailable and have to be re-paired to the Zigbee controller and/or re-bound to each other. I’ve tried many things to stop the issue, finally including placing a router about 3 meters away from the lamp. Nothing seems to help.

So, I’m switching to a Tuya (converted) WiFi dimmer and am looking for a reliable, battery powered remote control to use with it, preferably RF 433MHz or WiFi. My current plan is to use a cheap (and ugly) 433 two button remote and to 3D print a better looking housing for.

Any other suggestions? Something off the shelf and with buttons only for one light would be great.