Good morning announcement and having issues <solved>

I’m trying to put Andrew’s to work for me with the following but can’t work out what i’m doing wrong.

import appdaemon.appapi as appapi
import datetime
class goodmorning(appapi.AppDaemon):
  def initialize(self):
    time = self.parse_time(self.args["run_time"])
    self.log('Next announce at ' + str(time))
    self.run_daily(self.run_daily_callback, time)
  def run_daily_callback(self, kwargs):
    self.log('saying announcement')
    state_curr = self.get_state("sensor.yahoo_current.state")
    state_temp = self.get_state("sensor.yahoo_temperature.state")
    state_cond = self.get_state("sensor.yahoo_condition.state")
    state_maxtemp = self.get_state("sensor.yahoo_temperature_max.state")
    message = "Good morning Bree. it's currently " + str(state_curr) + " and " + str(state_temp) + " degrees. Today will be " + str(state_cond) + ", with a high of " + str(state_maxtemp)
    announce = self.get_app("announce")
    announce.announce(message) # Release Notes

The announcement does work but the state_* values are replaced with the word ‘None’, tia.

ok, just worked out what I was doing wrong lol

should have gone and checked out the States under HA

the issue was:

should have been: