Good powered USB hub

I’m trying to eliminate as many variables as possible wrt range and interference. So many are saying I should get a powered USB hub if I’m plugged into a USB 3 port. Can anyone recommend one, doesn’t need many ports, really just 2 for my zigbee and z-wave USB sticks? I would hate to buy something and then people say “oh, that one never works”.

The hubs I’m seeing on amazon all say USB 3.

The Lindy brand should be cheap and reliable.

It’s often used for audio and midi interfaces

Not cheap compared to some. At Amazon Canada they are more expensive than almost any other.

Should have said affordable then.

The Elektron Overhub for exemple is a bit pricey

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what I use is UGREEN USB 2.0 Hub and also support supplying auxiliary power using that micro usb port and doesnt do power backfeeding.

that’s what I used, try looking something similar on aliexpress since that link can only be bought in Philippines.