Goodwe inverter - change IP in the GoodWE integration

Hello, is it possible to change the IP of my Goodwe inverter somewhere? I need to split my network, so the inverter will get new IP, but I don’t see the setup of IP anywhere in the config.
Or is it OK just to delete the old integration and add new one? Don’t I loose any data this way?


Normally this is DHCP but you should be able to change it.
Connect to the Solar-WiFi network (default password is 12345678) and go to the IP address of the inverter using browser (it is the gateway on that wifi network and by default it is Login (default admin/admin) and there you can configure the IP address assignment of the inverter (DHCP or manual).
Alternatively if you do not have passwords needed for the above you can try to change your DHCP scope on the network you are joining with the inverter to only offer one address (or subset of addresses) which you want to give to the inverter and then reboot it. It should then get the desired address.

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Thanks, but I was thinking about chaing the IP in the GoodWE HA integration :slight_smile: I’ve already changed the IP of inverter, but then HA cannot read any data from it. I’ve better renamed the topic.

Ah, ok… did you try to remove the integration and add it back? It should ask for the IP then.

Sorry for late, reply, I’ve been on vacation … If I remove it and add again, won’t I loose any stored data?

No, if entity IDs remain the same it should just continue from where it left.
I suggest to do a backup anyway - to be on the safe side.

I recently had to change my all-in-one Modem and WiFi box. The IP numbers changed, and the GoodWe integration of my solar inverter didn’t work anymore.

There is no way to change the IP address that HA uses of a previously connected inverter (or I didn’t find it). I guess it’s a very simple addition to add a configuration box somewhere.

I agree, they should add IP config (or at least some info where it can be changed manually)

You can change ip using command line:
(for me, it is in docker, so it is here: sudo vim hass-config/.storage/core.config_entries)
just grep the whole system for the IP address.

Then change the IP and restart home assistant.


I’m running hass-os with the terminal integration, then location of this file is: /config/.storage/core.config_entries

Changing the IP there solved my connection issue :+1:t2:

O, and a tip, use /goodwe in vim to search for the goodwe config.

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What about opening an issue at the Github HA Goodwe page ?