Goodwe Storage Inverters (BT-series) Integration


Has anyone created an Integration for the Goodwe retrofit BT-series storage inverters ?
E.g. the GW10K-BT.

I would love to be able to read out the status of my home battery to be able to make decisions for energy use in the house…

API integration with their SEMS cloud platform ?



Just installed the Goodwe GW10K-ET inverter, next to already present a SolarEdge and 2 strings with Enphase.

This Goodwe is intended to power my servers (all network and computer equipment use about 1500W 24/7hr, that’s why I upgraded to even more panels and in future there will be a battery also).

One of the VMs on the servers is running Home Assistant 2021.8.7, and I have all parameters visible. Although the Goodwe delivers the lifetime values as W and not kW, so It’s not visible in the statistic right now.

Enphase and SolarEdge are build in, Goodwe isn’t officially supported but you have to do this with HACS. Then the Goodwe can be foud inside HACS.
The data is retrieved locally from the inverter through the network/wifi connection and presented in HAS as many sensors.

This works for me, and Home Assistant is becoming better every day. I cannot wait until it’s officially supported as an integration.

As soon as net-metering is over in the Netherlands I will add a battery to this system.