Google Actions (Smart Home App)

Is anyone working on integrating HASS to Google Assistant using the Smart Home apps feature - ?

Sounds like the perfect thing to make HASS the centre of all home automation. Who knows - this could even get published as an official Google Assistant partner app. That would be an awesome moment for HASS imho.

I see that someone is working on building this into OpenHAB at the moment -

Not much up to speed on open source dev but happy to test/feedback if someone is already working on this. Hoping to make some time to play with the node js sample -


I tried setting up a python based server to connect to Google Actions. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the OAUTH2 authorization to work.

Using flask and flask-oauthlib and the oauth flow was based off the sample in flask-oauthlib.

The nodejs sample from Google is a bit too much for me. Not sure if I can modify it to work with HASS.

There is a PR (#9632) in the works.


That sounds awesome!! Hopefully, HA will eventually also have some sort of reverse proxy function so this can become a proper Google Smart Home app. I am guessing the first few iterations will require users setting up individual projects in test mode.

I finnaly made it works to the final step when I try to add my teste app, try to reach and gives me conection time out anyone could help me?

You will need to setup SSL on your domain and hit it at
Here is a good guide on doing so