Google And/Or HA Not Respecting Room/Area changes

I’ve done some searching around the forums, but haven’t come across this specific issue (and am not sure exactly when it changed/broke).

I currently have most of my devices & entities assigned to areas in HA and use it primarily for my own organizational purposes. However, I also have my HA linked to the Google Assistant, and it uses the areas in HA as room hints for Google. At some point in the (recent???) past, I was able to move specific entities out of a Google room after linking with HA, but it seems that the voice commands no longer respect the Google-specific room changes.

E.g. in my bedroom I have some lamps and an overhead light. In HA, I prefer to have them all grouped together, but for voice control, I only want the lamps to turn on/off (we almost never use the overhead lights). I therefore manually moved overhead lights out of the “Bedroom” in the Google Home app and into one of my generic/overflow rooms. However, when I issue the voice command “turn on the lights” to the speaker assigned to the “Bedroom”, it still turns on the overhead lights (not respecting the moving of said lights away). At first I thought this was purely a Google bug (and maybe it is), but the weird thing is that if I change the area of the overhead lights in HA, Google then respects the change and only turns on the desired lamps.

I guess a way around this could be to manually expose every entity I want (along w/ overridden room hints) in my configuration.yaml, but I have a lot of devices already, and always felt it was something to easily miss whenever I add new devices as well.

Has anyone else come across this? Any alternative workarounds (besides the manual config)?