Google Assistant 404

Hello, trying to get Google Assistant to work and I’m at step 7 of google_assistant setup. I’m using the newest version of HA on Windows 10. I can’t reach and I’m assuming it is because I don’t have a letsencrypt or such running on my Windows 10 computer. I can reach my router without the port number on the duckdns address. On the HA vm I have the duckdns updater running to reach my network. I do have a port forward for 8123 to my vm.

Have been trying to install letsencrypt, but can’t find a good Windows guide.

Looking for any advice.

If you have duckdns on your router you don’t need it on your VM as well. You should forward 8123 to the VM.


Sorry updated my original post, you answered quickly. I don’t have duckdns on my router, just the ‘duckdns updater’ software to update duckdns’ custom hostname with my current IP on the HA vm. I do have my router port forward to 8123.

Yeah. Not all tools are supported with windows 10. I guess LetsEncrypt is one not supported? I presume you have looked on the LetsEncrypt website? Any reason you are doing this on Windows 10?

Looks like you can do it.
You’ll need a Ubuntu installation on Windows though.

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Thought it wouldn’t matter too much :sweat_smile: guess I’ll end up switching over to linux. Thanks for confirming, thought I was maybe just crazy.

I edited my response above.

Switching to Linux will definitely save a lot of grief!

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Awesome guide, thanks!. Haven’t played with linux on Windows yet since they added the ability, will give it a shot for homelabing sake.