Google Assistant - account linking issue

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Hi guys!
A few months ago I setup Google Assistant component and it worked, but I didn’t use it since then. Some time later I found it doesn’t work anymore after Home Assistant update to 0.80+. I followed instructions in Google Assistant component doc to migrate config to 0.80+, but it didn’t work, so I left it broken. Yesterday I bought Google Home Mini devices and configured them, so I wanted to make Home Assistant - Google Assistant integration work again. I deleted my old project “hass-test” in Google Developer Console and created new one “hass” following instructions for setting Google Assistant, but I can’t get Google Home app list “[test] hass” when adding new device. I’m still seeing old “[test] hass-test” project, which I deleted. I tried in Android and iOS, using the latest apps and the latest 0.87.1 HASS (hassio), but no success. Even tried to create new project named “hass-test” as the old one.
I spent hours searching on this forum and Google, trying to make it work. Tried many times with new projects in Google Developer Console, but I can’t get new project listed in Google Home App.
Did anyone else have this issue? Maybe I’m making some stupid mistake, but can’t figure it out.

Thanks in advance!

There has been an issue with the simulator for a couple of days.
For more info: Google Assistant trouble shooting

It was Google side issue, definitely, which has been solved now. I was able to configure Google Assistant to communicate with my Home Assistant, but I also needed to make one change in HASS configuration. Previously I had this in configuration.yaml:

  project_id: home-assistant-XXXXX
  api_key: !secret google_api_key
  expose_by_default: false
    - light

and it worked fine in the past.
Now I needed to set expose_by_default to true, to have my HASS devices listed in Google Assistant App. If it’s set to false, I’m able to connect Google Assistant with Home Assistant, but I don’t get the list of devices exposed by Home Assistant.

Try putting the expose_by_default: false after entity_config. Worked for me. :wink:

Just make sure in your entity_config, you have at least one set expose: true