Google Assistant - Adding to Home Assistant Lists

Is it possible to set up ‘OK Google’ Commands for inputting data into Home Assistant?

I currently have;

  • Calendar (for recycle waste)
  • Shopping List
  • Generic List

I’m wanting to use Google Assistant to add to these this (even if just one) - is this possible?

I’m also very interested in this. About 6 months ago the Google Assistant lost its ability to interact with the Google Shopping list (which until then had been working for 3+ years since set it up). I’ve Googled this issue up the wazoo, but none of the “this is how you reset your shopping list integration Google Assistant” have resolved the issue. I suspect it’s a consequence of me using GSuite with my domain which Google seems not to care much about compared to standard (comsumer) Google Accounts and services…
So it would be really great if there was a way to have the option to say “Hey Google, add two liters of milk to my Shopping list in Home Assistant” or “Hey Google, add mow the lawn to my tasklist in Home Assistant” :smiley:

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I never knew this used to work?
Surely there’s something that can be done.

It worked like this -

But as mentioned it broke (for me) and never came back and now I’m thinking that I can get more out of doing something with (shopping) lists in Home Assistant (e.g. that some automations could automatically add items to various lists, when certain conditions were met).
After having written to you I came across Is Action builder from google (assistant) supported as integration? - #5 by DocDoo where another community member mentions working on using the “action builder” to be able to add items to lists in Home Assistant. However the thread doesn’t provide into on if he managed to do this, so I’ve asked aboe that :slight_smile: