Google assistant and languages? setup in project

hi, i have a working setup with local GA component, but my command are ONLY working with google assistant on my phone, not in on the google home, although the command i speak to google home is correct if i look in the myactivity

i have setup the google project in the language, although i dont know if that makes any difference??
if i select in the google project, multiple languages, can you speak also in multiple languages?

if the profile you are using on your phone connected to the google home speakers?
what do the speakers respond if you issue a voice command?
the project language is not important - i’ve added only english but issue my commands in other languages too.

yes, its the same profiles, other native applciations do work (tested english)
speakers respons : i dont understand or something like, i dont know this feature
so HA is only working on my phone, not in google home, verry strange

as you wrote home assistant is working with your phone i’ll doubt we need to have a look at your configuration. maybe these commands do not work in your native language? did you try it in english an your speakers too? did you try simple commands like “turn all lights on”?

yes, i was indeed thinking about the language also, gonna test english soon
its probably enough to make an alias in english in the config?

yes, an alias is enough. and try my example if you have lights attached to home assistant.

whats your example? :slight_smile:

something like that which avoids entity names.

hmm, below is my code, but seems you cant mix languages in the aliases? how can you solve this?
i always need to comment out the dutch or english languages to make it to work

any ideas?

      name: Screen eetkamer
#        - Raam 1 
#        - Screen 1
        - window one
        - blind one

can we actually roll out the same entity 2 times? one with dutch aliasses and one with english aliasses?

i’m pretty sure he does not care if you mix languages. he may not “understand” the one or the other depending of the language you speak, but it should be fine if you mix the aliases.

i noticed you are using a cover entity. you know that you have to use “on” and “off” instead of “open” and “close” (covers are not a supported google smart home device type).

also don’t use numbers until your done testing. in my experience understanding numbers when using multiple languages often does not work as expected. don’t make it to hard for yourself until you figured out how to get assistant up and running for yourself :slight_smile:

Yes , I was aware about open / close, if all works, I wanted to solve that with routines

I’ll test further, thnx again

BTW , if you define multiple aliasses, can you actually see those in the Google home app? Or do you just need to remember if? Because I now just only see the first line alias as the name of the entity, and NOT the name , that I have configured with Name: …

It only shows the first but it responds to more than that. I personally have up to three aliases per item.

thnx for all the feedback!

hi, found the culprl finally
i have my aliasses setup in dutch language
but seems the Google Home device, the primary language also needs to be in dutch
as soon as i setup the primary in english, the entitys are not fired
if i change the primary to dutch, its all working, evert alias

verry strange? is that expected behaviour?

i think that’s identical to my remark, that assistant may not “understand” you, when you are using the dutch aliases while talking english (and vice versa).

nevertheless i’m glad you’ve got it working :slight_smile::+1:

I don’t know, If Dutch is secundair language, she understands me , cause she answers in Dutch…

Also if English is secundair, those commands are still working… Strange

So I think it’s still a bug , Dutch language is only available for a week…