Google Assistant asking for a pin

Recently Google Assistant has been asking for a pin when I’m asking you turn off a smart switch but I’ve used that same switch for a year without it ever asking that.
In HA I’ve set a security pin, which doesn’t work when given.
The switch is “shown as” a switch, and not a lock or so which usually needs a pin.

What could this be?


What kind of smart switch?
How is it integrated into HA?
Who exposes the switch to Google Assistant? HA or the switch itself?
Can you show the configuration of the switch?

It’s a TRADFRI control outlet by IKEA of Sweden, as stated by HA.
Connected to HA through Zha and a sonoff dongle, exposed to Google by HA.

Not typical to ask for a PIN when toggling a switch.
Try to remove it in the GH configuration in HA and also delete it in the GH app. Then add it back.

@FPro, I’ve deleted it from GH and stopped exposing it to GH from HA. Upon asking GH it said it didn’t know anything called 3D printer, so I knew it was gone from GH. Upon exposing it again it immediately asked for a pin again.