Google Assistant build-in routines + Broadlink to turn on amplifier

Hello to all :slight_smile:

I was able to link to my Google Assistant and I can control my devices in HA using it. Also Broadlink is working just fine and I can control old IR devices using it and HA.

Now what I would like to setup (and wasn’t able to figure that out :confused: ) is if I can link Google Assistant build in routines like play music to trigger another action in HA.

Example: I ask GA to play music and it will start streaming it to Chromecast Audio - this device is connected to an old amplified that I would like to turn on using Broadlink RM.

So…is something like that possible? :slight_smile: I tried to use Google Home routines but there is no option to modify build in ones :confused:

Thanks in advance! :wink:

Hello, that should actually be possible. I have in NodeRED the “nora” addon. Here you can turn lights, switches, etc. in with HA control. You can also add “Nora” to the Google Assistant. in the Google Home app, the switches or lights that you created in NodeRED with “nora” are displayed. Now you can easily add them to the “routine” in the Google Assistant and turn them on and off.

Here some Screenshots:

“Nora” addon in NodeRED

“Nora” in the Google Home App

Screenshot from “routines”

Hi, thanks for the reply :wink:

Anyway…this seems similar to the setup I have already, I can create custom routines in Google Home and then Google Home see custom scripts what I have in the HA…but no way to link them with build in commands.

I stumbled across this - didnt have time to set it up yet but that seems it can partialy work?