Google Assistant command reference

Is there a definitive list of what and how we can command Google Assistant for HA? Of course, there’s the basic “turn on xxxx” type stuff, but I had to do a lot of trial and error to get the status of something, i.e. “Is the front porch light on?”, or how to run a scene imported from my vera (“activate good night”), and I still haven’t figured out how to get it to lock a door lock. That might have something to do with the domains I activated in configuration.yaml. Maybe there’s one for security?

But it would be nice if someone could put together a list of all the things we can say, or maybe there already is such a list somewhere.

Google has a list of commands.

Ok, but there still must be some commands that are specific to the way HA publishes intents to the google API, right? Just like to run Vera scenes, you have to say “Activate XXX”, and for HA scripts, you need to say “Execute xxxx”. Those are actions that HA has told Google how to respond to. So, I’m sure there’s a specific way to phrase other functions as well. That’s the info I’m trying to figure out.