Google Assistant Component and Tradfri Color Temperature

Hi Folks,

today I set up my Home Assistant with the new Google Assitant Component and everything worked well.
I’m realy impressed how easy it is now to control my Tradfri lights (on/off) and set a specific luminosity by voice. :slight_smile:

But I wonder if it is also possible to set a specific color temperature by voice?
If I say something like “Set kitchen lights to yellow” or “Set kitchen lights to white” it just turn the lamps off instead to turn them to a specific color temperature.
Is this just not possible with my tradfri lamps (till now I only have the whit spectrum lamps) or does anybody have a hint for me, how to achieve this? :wink:

THX in advance

wait for the next release or use this :slight_smile:


Great to read that.
Then I will wait patiently for the next release.