Google Assistant controls GPIO Pins on Raspberry Pi


I set up on my Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. Last week, I finally installed the Google Home Assistant.
As you know, it can answer some questions like “How will be the weather” or something like that, but it would be great, if it could control the GPIO pins of the Pi.

Did anyone else did this before and could give my an introduction?

That would be great!
…by the way: Is there any way, to get the Google Assistant in German? Because I’m from Germany.

I thankful for every help!

I have gpio controlling gate opener using Cover component.

I say “ok Google, entry gate on’” it open gate.
So gpio is controlled.

Okay, thank you for the answer. Is there an instuction how to set up the cover Component?

And is it possible to say “Ok Google, turn on/off my TV”?