Google Assistant: COVER domain, expose as OpenCLose (API available)

you mean in the google assistant component?

I keep saying it. LOL.

When I first set up Google Assistant with Home Assistant a year ago, OPEN/CLOSE did not work with my garage door. It was always ON/OFF.

In the last few months, support was added that allows me to say OPEN/CLOSE. I have no idea where this support was added. I have no idea if it was in the component or on Google Assistant. All I know is that I can freely say these words and it works.

hmm strange, well i cant :slight_smile:
should it make any difference if i user another cover component??

i am now using this one :

i can switch over to this one if i want

I have no idea.

I have only ever used one cover component.

well, gonna leave it like this, best scenario is that the google_assistant component should be changed
because the code now for HA? is that cover: is exposed a switch , it should be exposed as a cover anyway, so thats why i created this feature request

Any update?

yes, update now: