Google Assistant: COVER domain, expose as OpenCLose (API available)


untill now, the Cover: domain is still exposed as a switcn On/Off/Brightness
doesnt make sense offcourse, we need the open/close stuff

The Api is available, so the assistant component needs a smaill change

@balloob , i dont know how to make a request for the HA cloud edition , i am using that too? i have heard you manage that? Its a paid service, so it needs maybe priority?

thnx in advance

api here:

I tell Google Assistant to OPEN the garage door and it does it.

what domain have you configured? i am talking about COVER domain?
do you see it a a switch icon in your google home app ?

see also here :slight_smile:

  • cover (on/off/set position (via set brightness))

Well, a GARAGE is a COVER…

Yes, indeed you are, as am I.

I don’t care if I see a switch icon in the google home app. What I am telling you is that by TELLING google assistant to OPEN the door it works.

I am well aware of how it USED to act. I USED to have to tell it to turn ON the garage door. This changed at least a month ago. I did NOTHING to make it work.

yeah, i dont care about the icons also
but i know if its a switch icon, then i must say ON/OFF

can you show me your config for a cover and also in your google assistant confif?

because my template cover config, i can only use the words ON / OFF , just tried it again

My cover config:

- platform: myq
  username: !secret myq_user
  password: !secret myq_pass
  type: liftmaster
  name: Garage Door

Google Assistant component config, entity_config:

    expose: true
    name: Garage Door

That is it.

As per docs google assistant has a workaround using the light component for cover

  • cover (on/off/set position (via set brightness))

It works somewhat as in some dialects people say open the light and close the light to turn on and off lights. (Similar to open the faucet)

The proper domain would be better

yes , proper domain would be better, but still i dont get how @flamingm0e can say open/close , when at the moment the cover domain is exposed a a switch on/off

the cover domain, does excists now, i have posted the api in first post, the code should be changed, and cover domain added

i also tried my other switches, they only work with on/off , not open / close
maybe its because of the naming “garage” ?

I have no idea what changed in either Google or Home Assistant, but I can freely say Open/Close Garage Door and it just works. The response I get back from Google confirming the command is “Turning on/off the garage door”


Right now I’m using a custom tasmota (specific for rolling shutters) that exposes covers as lights, so i can say Turn on (accendi in italian) and set (imposta) to open cover at a specific percentage.

well, i cant controll my cover at a specific level, i can only do a cover open and close, and can do a stop command :slight_smile:
but right now, i am exposing a test cover as a GARAGE

just too see if its maybe the name it self

Well I don’t know which hardware are you using, but if it’s tasmotable have a look at this fork.

this my config, its a command line cover
just tested a new cover, named in “garage door” , but still
if i say : “Garage door ON” it works,
if i say “Garage door OPEN” , i get respond : it looks like this device hasnt been setup yet

 #cover config:
- platform: command_line
  friendly_name: test1
  command_close: echo -e "\xED\x43\x31\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\xAF\xAF\x53\x17\x01" | nc 1001
  command_open: echo -e "\xED\x43\x31\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\xAF\xAF\x53\x18\x01" | nc 1001
	 #google config: 
  name: Garage Door
  expose: true
  room: test


Your command line cover names it cover12, but you call it cover.test1 later

yeah, somehow, it the google config, i need to take the friendly name
no idea why , but it works like that :slight_smile:
i should actually make change friendly name to name, its the same
but it works like this
also has nothing todo with open/close on/off anyway :slight_smile:

maybe its language related? my assistant language is setup in dutch, not english
but it shouldnt mather, right?

Canadian English here.

They probably support it because of this
Often native French Canadian speakers will use calques of French idioms, so in Quebec it is relatively common of for both Anglophones and Francophones to “close the light” or to “open the light,” meaning to turn on or off the light in a room. This was especially common in the Gaspé Peninsula, where until recently Anglophones and Francophones lived in mixed communities for generations. Similar calques from other languages are found in English throughout Canada, particularly in BC and the Prairies where translated usages from European languages are common, whether inherited from parents or spoken by new immigrants.

ok, so i cant use it :slight_smile:

so google assistant component should be updated to also include the cover domain like it should

My cover USED to require you to say ON/OFF, as OPEN/CLOSE was not supported. Support was added in the last few months