Google Assistant Device Sync Selection

If you use nabu casa you get the following screen to choose what devices to sync to google home

I have stopped using nabu casa as they are effectively controlling the security and have the ability to MITM access to anything in my network (not that they would, but I don’t like the ability that it can happen) anyway to I am now using cloudflare and my own google assistant setup to connect HA and GA.

The one thing I am missing is an interface such as above to control the devices I sync, does anyone know of a plugin other than nabu casa that offers this functionality or know how to choose what devices sync with google assistant via a GUI when doing our own manual integration?

Can we clone this nabu casa interface and customise it to allow us to use it somehow?

I choose mine in the Google home app.

The thing is that home assisistant has already pushed loads of devices over to the google home app, and I don’t want to spend weeks editing a yaml file everytime I add a new device or need to change things etc.

What I am saying is before the devices get sent over to google home app, to reduce the clutter for the other family members.

So mine all get sent over to the google home app, but only devices I add into myhome/rooms are available to use. The rest hang out below the home/rooms. For the voice assistant part anyway. You can still use them in the home app I think… Although I would use homeassistant before the google app to do that.

You can(or could) use excludes also.

ok i’ll need to double check the families apps to see what they get again, I have moved from deconz to zigbee2mqtt so they show different entities, still would be handy to have a GUI like nabu casa does to control this in the home assistant instead of using yaml files for excludes etc.

any thoughts on this? having a GUI we can use?

i was wondering if we could use something like chatGPT to help us code something similar.

I think the code they use for the interface must be in here somewhere: