Google Assistant - I'm Sorry that mode is not available for the gates (cover)

Since 0.92 when I ask google assistant to “open the gates” it does so without a problem but then says " I’m sorry that mode isn’t available for the gates"
(Previously this just worked and responded with “OK opening the gates”)

The cover is created using an ESPHome template cover if this makes a difference.

Is this error based on my configuration or is something strange happening between HA and Google Assistant?

yes, working as designed but will be fixed soon

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I still have it, was there a fix?

Works for me now

Same problem for me with a roller shutter. The device functiones but google every time answers with ‘i’m sorry, that mode isn’t available for one device’

Sorry Fabio, 'cause I’m a newbie probably I’m following a wrong procedure.

Is it correct?



You don’t need to customize anything, that is already included in core

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I just use template cover , I can indeed only use open/close/stop, I don’t have percent either

I confirm the issue still exist on 2023.9.3