Google Assistant - Login attempt failed

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Hi, I’ve had google assistant (non cloud setup) working for a year or two without issues.

Recently i tried to update the google_assistant block with service_account and report_state enabled.
After updating the configuration file and restarting HA I get the following notification from HA:

Login attempt or request with invalid authentication from ( (OpenAuth)

Even after commenting out service_account and report_state, it still shows up.
Where could the error come from?

My HA version is: 0.116.2 on HassOS 4.13
Guide I used:

  project_id: REDACTED
  service_account: !include GCP_SERVICE_ACCOUNT.JSON
  report_state: true
    - switch
    - light
    - media_player

I know this doesn’t help OP, but I am getting the same login failure when I try to setup the linkage. I get the Home Assistant login and fill in with correct details then the HA dashboard gets a notification and the Google Home app gives a connectivity error.

Having the same issue, working all this time till the error as OP.

Hopefully there is fix for this soon.

Are you using Nginx or Let’s Encrypt? I can’t fully remember how I resolved this, but I think it was related to my SSL not being setup correctly.

Let’s encrypt and can access remotely as well.

Yes, I was also able to access remotely but for some reason Google was not.

I am trying to rack my brain to remember what I did to fix it, but I must say I am not having much luck. It may have been, and this could well be wrong, in your Let’s Encrypt configuration ensure that the host port is also set to port 80 for the http challenge.

Got it working. Thanks it was my router firewall

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