Google Assistant Manual Setup + Home Assistant

Hi! I’ve setup Google Assistant Integration using the manual setup process found at and was successfully able to authorize and add the account in my Google Home app on my phone and it discovered the one device I exposed. This part did not work at home, since my router does not support loopback. And the device was unreachable from GA when I got home but then worked once after a reboot and stopped working again. My understanding was that GA works by communicating with cloud and cloud to HA and then all the way back to GA through the cloud so that loopback support is not necessary after authorization login for HA. Or do I need loopback support for this to work? I have all the necessary port forwardings setup on my router, so I can type the duckdns url without the port number on any device outside my home network and it reaches my HA setup and I have setup Google Actions to match this. Please help.

Manual config is direct from Google to your HA. In fact you would not be able to link the app to HA unless your HA has a routable domain when you set it up.

How long ago did you enable this? What port forwarding do you have? You would need 443 to 8123 and you’d have given google with no port right? I wonder if you made a mistake with that? If you have external access it should work.

The Google Test App you create does need to be reenabled every month or so…

So I figured it out today.

Control of devices are GA(on my phone)->Cloud->HA->Device and the same path backwards for status of device. Authentication of HA (one time) is Directly from Phone to HA, so I was not able to perform it since my router does not support loopback and the duckdns address cannot be opened within my home wifi.

I connected to a wifi network outside home and authenticated HA instance and added all the devices I needed and I was able to control all of them from within my home wifi once I got home. So problem solved. This concludes that all instances of Google Assistant communicates with the cloud to communicate and control HA entities.

And just to clear your question, I had 443->8123 so that I can type the duckdns address without port number anytime.

One last question, do you know if its possible to move the Google test app out of draft and publish into production ?