Google Assistant Nabu Casa runs command twice

Hi Guys,

i run Hassio with Nabu-Casa Google Assistant Integration.

Since 2 days some commands are executed twice. I have a cover for my garage door that is a simple trigger-switch (trigger is up/down inverted to the last action). So when i say “Ok Google, close the garage” it closes the cover. But minutes later it opens the cover again without any user interaction.

I can see “cover.close_cover 18:45:14 - Vor 16 Stunden - Home Assistant Cloud” that assistant cloud was issuing the command again. By the way “close” does not mean close because that is a simple relais connected to the cover-motor-control unit to say “please do open or close based on your current state”.

Is there any known issue with the Home Assistant Cloud integration?

Green = my voice command
Red = issued by assistant cloud without user interaction