Google Assistant partly stopped working

I had a nicely working manual (non cloud) integration with Google Assistant running. I could address my Hass devices just fine from my phone pixel 5, pixel watch, Nest speaker and Lenovo smart clock in Dutch & English.

Now, all of a sudden, it only works from Nest speaker and Lenovo smart clock and it doesn’t anymore from my phone and pixel watch anymore. There I can only use English and when trying to reach hass devices in English I get errors like this: “It Looks like That Device Hasn’t Been Set­up yet Error” Also when I go to Google Assistant setting on my phone “Hey Google and Voice Match” and select “Add device with voice match” I get an error “no Wi-fi connection” which is BS, the phone IS connected to wifi.

I have no clue what’s wrong. Is it an update of one of the Android apps? Hope anyone can help.

With this issue I’m even more looking forward to the native & local Hass voice assistant that’s supposedly coming in 2023. Hopefully we can then use the Hass WearOS app as a microphone as well.

This is working again now without changing anything, so I guess it was an issue on Google’s side.