Google assistant relay add-on

I have the google assistant relay up and running. I can use the sandbox function and successfully send a broadcast. I have the test broadcast in the HASSIO UI I can send a test broadcast from successfully. For the life of me I cannot get the automation to send a broadcast and was wondering how I need to set it up in the automation. This is how I currently have it configured. Any guidance would be appreciated I have been looking for an answer for weeks now without any success.


Hello thats my config.


    url: http://192.168.x.y:3000/assistant
    method: POST
    content_type: "application/json"
    payload: '{"command":"{{ command }}", "user":"Ava", "broadcast":true}'



    - data:
        command: "Guten Tag. Ein Tipp von mir. Der gelbe Sack wird abgeholt"
      service: rest_command.assistant_broadcast

Thank you so much I was able to finally get it working. Weird I had two setup the same way and one worked the other didn’t., I did get it working though.

Same situation here and hope someone can help as I have spent days trying to get this to work

I can sent broadcasts and actions via the sandbox function and it works every time, I have the following in my configuration.yaml:

    url: http://192.168.x.xx:3000/assistant
    method: POST
    content_type: "application/json"
    payload: '{"command":"{{ command }}", "user":"ross", "broadcast":true}'
    url: http://192.168.x.xx:3000/assistant
    method: POST
    content_type: "application/json"
    payload: '{"command":"{{ command }}", "user":"ross", "converse":true}'

    url: http://192.168.x.xx:3000/assistant
    method: POST
    content_type: "application/json"
    payload: '{"command":"{{ command }}", "ross":"username"}'

I therefore have the 3 services within HA Ui (as above)
However when using developer tools/ service and choosing any one of the above 3 to call the service nothing works, I have tried all sorts of combinations in the service data box and still nothing.

I am very new to HA (about 2 weeks) so I am sure I am doing something wrong.

Idiots guide anyone?

Thanks in advance

Ok i have also discovered that when running commands from sandbox and selecting broadcast = no & converse = yes that the action does not take place but the sound file returned says “ok broadcasting now”

I am so lost with this

Good morning @rossk,

I have worked with assistant relay over the years just not within Hassio. I know a lot of people see issues if they leave IPV6 active on their router. Have you checked to make IPV6 is disabled/

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Morning Joe

No I didnt know that, I do know however my router does have IPV6 enabled, I will login and disable it and try again.

Thanks for your input - steep learning curve going on here

Sounds good you may want to reboot the router, server, you run assistant relay on after making the changes I would reboot the google homes as well before throwing in the towel.

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Joe, not quite ready to throw in the towel just yet…

I now have it all up and running, I can use developer tool services and call the service:
and use service data:
command: “turn on / turn off etc”

It works perfectly, BUT only the first time I call the service, I can call the service 101 times and it will not respond at all, I find if I leave it 5 mins or so it will then respond again for one time.


That’s odd do the logs show anything? I had some issues with mine in the beginning. On the plugin within home assistant does it show high memory usage or anything weird? My issue was in the code for the config.yaml and some issues with the automation. Did you reboot all the google homes after disabling IPV6? Do you have them set to static IP’s in the router? Seems I seen some issues with this in the past but not sure if it is as relevant now as it use to be.

Ross, I’m having the same problem as you with this. Can you give me any pointers but be patient with me as I’ve only been playing with Hassio for a week.

I am interested in the capabilities that seem to be offered by the google assistant relay. It does not seem to be a Home Assistant standard addon that is available via the supervisor. Do you have a reference where I can download it from and instructions on configuration? I have been using the TTY capability to send messages to my Google Home devices but I would like to broadcast to multiple devices at once. Any possibility of this being integrated into the standard HA addons?

You can find the detail here - GitHub - Apipa169/Assistant-Relay-for-Hassio: Send commands (including broadcasts) to the Google Assistant via Home Assistant

Thanks, that is exactly what I was looking for.