Google assistant reports wrong blind percent state?

Not sure when this happened, I am positive this worked before but if I ask google to open / close the blinds X % it always responds with “opening/closing X 0 or 100 percent” however the correct % action is carried out by HA? It will also only respond with open or closed if you ask what the current state of a blind is.

Not sure if this an HA or Google issue but it really bugs my wife.

The blinds in question are currently configured via the MQTT integration and visually show the correct slider position before after and during when they are moving. So HA does have the state.

I had triple checked my blinds at home with different levels, they are working fine.

You are right, google is processing the command and sending the intent to home assistant, so it is HA which executes it. Did it happen after an update?

Edit: i checked and noticed some error logs as

Unexpected error serializing query for <state cover.office_curtain=unknown; current_position=75, friendly_name=Office Curtain, supported_features=15 @ 2022-02-13T08:59:05.123031+01:00>

It is specifically the voice confirmation that is wrong .

If I say open the blinds 10% google will reply ok opening then blinds 100% but HA will open the blinds 10%.

I am configured via the manual API config not nubicasa