Google Assistant SDK add-on mute

Hi, I installed the “Google Assistant SDK” add-on and after setting it up I started it.
In itself the assistant works, if I tell him to turn a light or a switch on or off he does it; the problem is that it doesn’t give me any audio feedback, it’s basically mute.
I have connected speakers to the 3.5 audio jack and I know for a fact that the speakers work.
In the configuration of Google Assistant SDK as audio output I had two choices: default or Dummy Output, I chose Dummy output but even changing to default nothing is heard.
My configuration is:
Raspberry PI 4 with 4 GB, USB microphone and audio speakers connected to the analog output from 3.5, Raspbian Buster (January version) Supervised Home Assistant installed on Docker v20.10.6; HA core 2021.4.4, HA supervisor 2021.04.0, all on a 256GB SSD.
How can I solve the problem?