Google Assistant SDK issue - tells me "sorry I don't understand/can't do that right now"

Hi all, have been toying around with home assistant and have been trying to do the unholy act of pairing Alexa and Google home.

Currently I’ve got my echo spot receiving my command and flicking a virtual switch fine, which then triggers a script in home assistant.

The issue comes when I’m trying to issue commands to my nest hub. When I tell it something like “display off” or “play rain sounds” it works fine, but when using the Google Assistant SDK and specifying to use the nest hub it doesn’t work and says that it doesn’t understand or can’t do it yet.

Anyone else ran into this? Anything I’ve found online says that you have to be pretty particular about what commands you give it but even the rain sounds one should work right? The display off command also works when I tell it so I’m not sure why it won’t work when I send it from home assistant. If anyone has other test commands you guys have managed to get working let me know so I can see if it’s all commands or just my ones. I’d imagine it’s my commands as it seems pretty particular about what it likes. The fact it’s receiving something gives me hope though.

Any pointers, obvious or not, I’d love to hear them and let me know if I’ve posted this with bad tags or something, I’d be happy to fix them.


(Some info as to what I’m running, I’ve got the full OS package running on a proxmox vm, I have done both the Alexa and Google Assistant SDK integrations with the guides from Everything Smart Home on YouTube. The DNS I’m using is duckdns and using nginx, everything seems to work fine with my integrations with the exception of sending my Google nest hub commands. I will attach an example of a service call (if that’s the right terminology) and hopefully format it right lol, the nest hub name field is the actual nest hub display I’m using, just edited for ease of viewing)

service: google_assistant_sdk.send_text_command
metadata: {}
  media_player: media_player.nest_hub_name
  command: display off

The easy-button would be to get Nabu-Casa.
I have the SDK at one site and it is a clunky mess compared to the seemlessness of the Nabu-Casa integration with Google.

Yeah that’s definitely the best way, as it’s my first dive into home assistant I wanted to try the challenging way first, plus the idea of no subscriptions is really cool to me.

But the project as a whole is equally as cool so it’s definitely something I’d want to support.

Even still, if I could get this working in the mean time it would be pretty awesome

In a couple of months the SDK will need to sync devices. With Nabu you say sync devices to it. With the SDK you have to go into Google dashboard and do stuff, and do it a couple times a year or the devices disappear.

The difference between the paid (by Nabu) version the free(set-up by you) version of the Google SDK.

That’s good to know I will look out for that.

Thankfully it seems to be working as is, just not the commands part unfortunately which hopefully someone who sees this thread may be able to provide some insight on