Google Assistant Secrets.yaml

So i had Google Assistant setup and working. I decided i wanted to mask my API and client logon keys so moved them to the secrets.yaml however integration stopped.

I got a 404 error. putting the keys back in the configuration.yaml solved my issue.

Is it possible to use secrets or is that not supported.

yes it is, chances are you did not implement it correctly. Post some yaml of how you have it setup in configuration.yaml and secrets.yaml…just hide sensitive info.


      project_id: <PROJECTID>
      client_id: !secret google_assistant_client_id
      access_token: !secret google_assistant_access_token
      agent_user_id: !secret google_assistant_email
      api_key: !secret google_assistant_api_key
        - switch
        - scene
        - input boolean


google_assistant_client_id: <key>
google_assistant_access_token: <key>
google_assistant_email: <email>
google_assistant_api_key: <key>

that is setup correctly so it should work, the 404 is probably some other error

Just redone it all and rebooted - seems to work now? or at least im getting a 405 method not allowed which i think it working.

Sorry might have just been a typo. Thanks for you help

I had a similar issue a few days ago. Moved the keys to secrets.yaml and got 404 errror. You need to make sure that the projects in the Google Cloud Console and in the Developer Console have the same ID, or else the Sync feature won’t work.
More information available here.