Google Assistant sends wrong value to Fibaro Dimmer 2

Hi all,

I’ve got 3 Fibaro Dimmer 2’s installed and they all have the same issue. If I reboot my system (HA is running on a Odroid N2+) they all work fine for like a day. After that, values inputted through Google Assistant are wrongly sent to the dimmers. For instance: if I ask Google to put the light on 75%, the light is dimmed to 7%. Asking Google to put the light on 65% results in 3%. The strange thing is that Google Home and Home Assistant are always showing the correct/actual value (so in this example 7% or 3%). Manual inputs in either Google Home and Home Assistant are always handled correctly, the problem is merely with voice commands. Like stated before, I can fix the problem temporarily by rebooting the system (just restarting Home Assistant isn’t sufficient), but I’d like to know where this behavior is coming from.
Does anybody recognize this?

Ok, it took a while but I figured it out myself. Apparently Google assistant gets lost when when I use the word ‘percent’ in my voice command. So ‘hey Google, lights at 65%’ results in the behavior I described. But ‘hey Google, lights at 65’ always works.