Google Assistant Sensor expose sensors

Hello there,

since 0.62, it is possible to expose sensordata to Google Assistant (see this pull request: here by @rofrantz

I am exposing two values and I see them in my Google Home app, but I cannot get my Assistant to read any measurements. After voice did not work, I started typing the queries to make sure, everything is spelled correctly etc. I asked it for the devices values directly, for the room in which they are, nothing. It always goes to a web search.

Has anybody implemented it and can ask for moisture/humidity values?


I’ve added multiple temperature and humidity sensors and am able to ask for all of them using voice or text. While temperature is working perfectly fine, the humidity sensors respond with “not reachable” (or something alike).

Interesting. I will expose the temperature sensors, that I am not actually using and try it with those.

But I am wondering, why Google is not even trying to access my moisture sensor and instead goes to a search…

I am able :slight_smile:

  1. Assign those devices to a room (eg. Livingroom) from GA (not HA).
  2. Ask GA “whats the temperature in the livingroom” ?

After addind a temperature sensor, my Google Home is also reporting back the temperature and letting me know that the other sensor is offline. So it only seems to work with temperature and maybe needs to have atleast one temperature sensor exposed as well?

I’ve being using the sensors for temperature and humidity since the original pull request before it was merged. No issues here. The temp sensor will read the C/F aswell as the on/off state. The humidity reports the %. My exposed sensors are placed in a room, its name is the room e.g what is the temperature in the lounge? , sensor name is lounge. What is the humidity in the lounge sensor? , sensor name is lounge sensor.

Ok, after further testing, Google it now works when asking for the humidity. Maybe it helped that I set the unit_of_measurement to ‘%’, eventhough it was seen as ‘%’ automatically in HA. I could not find any other keyword to get the sensors value, even when giving the full name. That would be nice as I am using plant sensors for mositure measurements, but it works for me for the moment.

Maybe I will create an on/off sensor for my plants so I can ask for that to know whether they need water or not…

Thanks for the help and implementation!

Where did you set that @d0nnae? Can you post an example? I already have it defined at the sensor’s definition and in customize.yaml. Looks like I’m missing it somewhere…

I dont have access to my code for the moment, but that is exactly what I did.

I am using the miflora-component and added “unit_of_measurement: ‘%’” to my customize.yaml. That is the only thing I changed i think (other than renaming the sensors for google to sensor1/2 for testing purposes, but later on changing the names back).

Okay, thanks for confirming the configuration d0nnae. It looks like it is a localization issue. I just asked for the humidity in English and got a response. If I ask in German I get “unreachable”…

Yes that is very likely. I have set my Google Home to US to be able to use atleast most of the features. The functionality was pretty limited when I tried it in german some time ago.