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Google Assistant Sensors


It looks like Google Assistant can now do sensors! (At least through SmartThings)

Pics or it didn’t happen:

Seems to be fairly rudimentary right now. Can’t do any Routines in the new Google Home App with them. But it’s nice to be able to query the Temp and Close states. Doesn’t appear to know Motion states yet though.

Can’t find anything in the Actions on Google docs though. Maybe something incoming in the very near future?


What kind of sensors are you using ? Is it Aqara/Xioami ?


The vast majority of them are the SmartThings Branded Sensors. A few are Z-Wave Sensors. Some are Visonics Open/Close Sensors.


when you will ask google home about temperature will you get answer ?

in my case it looks like that


You need to ask for the name of the Device. It looks like you just have it named “Temp”. You’ll want to give it a nickname in Google or change the name in SmartThings and resync or remove/re-add/


that’s not the case,when you have temperature sensor (climate sensor) you can just ask

hey google, what is the temperature in “name of the room”

temperature it’s not related with name of the sensor


Doesn’t seem to work for me of just a room. Only works for specific devices.


For me it works: what is the temperature of Temp sensor.

A bit weird question but it looks google home implemented temp sensors in his own way, comparing to Alexa, where everything working great


Sounds/looks like you’re asking for the specific device, or did you name a room “Temp”? If you didn’t name a room “Temp”, then you need to ask for the specific device as I said.

I’m not sure what you mean by the difference between Alexa and Google Assistant. You have to ask for the temperature of a specific device for both Voice Assistants. Seems to be exactly the same to me.

Alexa can do notifications based on motion and open/close where as Google Assistant can only query open/close and temperature.