Google assistant support for sensors

Now that sensors are being supported by Google Home/Assistant it would make a lot of sense for HA to start exposing these properly.

This one is bugging me every day, I have many Aqara sensors around the house and I’m tired of hearing Google telling me that they are off.
A fix for that would make the experience feel a lot more polished.
Actually made an account just to vote for this.


Sorry for the thread necromancy, but what isn’t working for you about these sensors? Mine are working fine in Google. I often ask “Is the back door closed?” and “Have I left the office window open?”. You just need to make sure they’re set to the right device_class and then exposed to Google and it tends to just work. If you’re not sure how to set the device_class, take a look at the documentation on customizing entities.

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Would it be possible for you to show what customizations would make a temperature and humidity sensor like this work with Google Home? Thx!

All I have ever gotten is a response similar to ‘Unable to communicate’ or similar, sensor shows in Google Home app.

All my devices are correctly recognized with their type in Google home app except temperature and humidity sensors which are represented by a black and blue shield.
The device_class is setted to temperature, maybe it works only for specific countries ? (I’m from France).

Is this what you mean by a ‘shield’ icon? Yes I now see these for temperature sensors I have exposed from Home Assistant to Google Home. In Google Home, all but one, kind of work. Google Home reports the temperature, but thinks it is a thermostat reporting the temperature. So Google Home additionally says ‘the temperature is xx and the thermostat is off’. At least I get the temperature now. Except, as I said one unit, the unit in the backyard. No matter what I do, Google Home will not report it, just says ‘Sorry that thermostat has not been setup yet, you can do that in Assistant Setting’. This temperature sensor is identical to the others that do work in Google Home.

Mine are reported like this :

Interesting! The temperature sensor is a MQTT sensor and looks like this in ‘developer tools’ view in HA. What are your sensors?

And this is what my Nabu Casa Google Home Entities tab looks like. As you can see HA thinks the temperature sensors are thermostats. Also, I have my entities configured in configuration.yaml file and not via the HA GUI

Thanks for sharing.

My device entity from MQTT (zigbee2mqtt) :

And my basic configuration :

  project_id: xxx
  service_account: !include xxx.json
  report_state: true

I’m not using cloud version of home assistant, maybe it’s the reason of difference.

Yes, interesting. Maybe our different routes from Home Assistant to Google Home are the cause. Thx! Happy New Year!

@dproffer Thanks for your investigation and Happy new year !

I will update this topic as soon as it will work.

I have the exact same issues, everything is displayed as a shield in the Google home app. I am also not using Nabu Casa, so it might be related to that.

So do you see the ‘shield’ icon in Google Home that Neonox31 sees? If so, does Google recognizes these and answer with the temperature when asked? As I stated above, mine started to work at some point but as thermostats, not temperature sensors. I don’t think I made a change that caused this to start work, I think it was more that it started to work after I did a HA version upgrade… Currently on 2020.12.1.


I have exactly the same issue.
I would like to have my Freebox temperature sensors value announced by Google Assistant but when I ask for the temperature, the Google Assistant replies this device is not configured.
I also don’t use Nabucasa.

Have any of the folks NOT using Nabu Casa got any device working via Google Home, for example being able to ask Google Assistant to turn a light that is ONLY materialized via Home Assistant on/off. Or more to sensor aspect ask Google Assistant 'Hey G, is the light on?"

If that is working correctly, that would narrow down the problem of temperature sensors to Something about the mapping of this type of Home Assistant sensor to Google definition of a temperature sensor.

BTY, I don’t think that Google has a humidity sensor. But would like to be wrong on this.

Back to the main point of a temperature sensor, the fact that mine are ‘kind of working’ because Google seems to think they are thermostats might say something in general about mapping problems.

Maybe only the way that it currently works is for Google to be told it is a thermostat.

You might try and see if you can ‘create’ a thermostat in Home Assistant and send it to Google.

Here is my nabu casa log settting set to ‘debug’ and some of the resulting log entries. Yes, not the same route as the non nabu casa one. But maybe some of the info in the logs might give some hints:

# configuration.yaml
  default: warning
    homeassistant.core: info

    hass_nabucasa: debug
    snitun: debug debug debug

# home-assistant.log

2021-01-28 14:32:17 DEBUG (MainThread) [hass_nabucasa.google_report_state] Publishing message:
{'msgid': '36b9d0311fdd4a5bb693baedfa3efc81',
 'payload': {'devices': {'states': {'sensor.lumi_lumi_weather_17f0c802_temperature': {'online': True,
                                                                                      'thermostatTemperatureAmbient': 15.2}}}}}

2021-01-28 14:32:39 DEBUG (MainThread) [hass_nabucasa.google_report_state] Publishing message:
{'msgid': 'fe60738b42ca4fee845457cb7a37c95f',
 'payload': {'devices': {'states': {'light.osram_lightify_a19_tunable_white_01_level_light_color_on_off': {'brightness': 0,
                                                                                                           'on': False,
                                                                                                           'online': True},
                                    'sensor.living_room_atc_mi_temperature': {'online': True,
                                                                              'thermostatTemperatureAmbient': 16.0},
                                    'sensor.lumi_lumi_weather_17f0c802_temperature': {'online': True,
                                                                                      'thermostatTemperatureAmbient': 15.2},
                                    'sensor.small_bedroom_govee_temperature': {'online': True,
                                                                               'thermostatTemperatureAmbient': 15.2},
                                    'switch.coffee_maker': {'on': False,
                                                            'online': True},
                                    'switch.lg_tv_av': {'on': False,
                                                        'online': True},
                                    'switch.lg_tv_hdmi_1': {'on': False,
                                                            'online': True},
                                    'switch.lg_tv_hdmi_2': {'on': False,
                                                            'online': True},
                                    'switch.lg_tv_hdmi_3': {'on': False,
                                                            'online': True},
                                    'switch.lg_tv_screen': {'on': False,
                                                            'online': True}}}}}

I have the exact same issues, everything is displayed as a shield in the Google home app.
I am also not using Nabu Casa.

I see this topic a bit late but I’m french like most of you I think and using zigbee2mqtt for my temperature sensors. Everything is displayed in my Google Home app as a shield icon since the beginning so this point is normal I think.

Yes, everything was working fine for me and I could ask Google until around December with : “ok google, qu’elle est la température dans le salon ?” And he responded “it’s xxx°C and the temperature is off”. The last part is because it was taken as a thermostat I think.

However today it’s not working anymore for me either… But if I put my Google home in english, I can ask it and get the answer correctly !
So I suspect a regression from google side only when the french language is used…

Does someone found a way to get it working ?

Google home shows all home Assistant lamps and power plugs but no door- or motion sensors
Does it need a special setting?